October 29th, 2018

With the party season fast approaching it’s always helpful to have some tips on hand to help you get ready on the go. Tips & Toes Training Manager, Izanne Fagan gives 5 beauty hacks to get you party ready in 30 minutes...

  1. Speedy Styling

If you are dashing from the office to an evening event, dry shampoo is likely to be your best friend, but you can now speed up your styling with a dry conditioner - a silkening spray that will leave your hair sleek, shiny and party-perfect!

Oribe Moisture & Control Soft Dry Conditioner – AED179 & Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – AED208 Available at Tips & Toes

  1. Tint Condition

If you can’t leave the house without mascara, having your lashes & brows tinted will save time when getting ready as your lashes will appear fuller and darker and your brows will look groomed and defined at all times – an LVL lash treatment will also work wonders for darker, longer natural lashes without the need for lash extensions.

Tips & Toes Eyelash/Eyebrow Combo Tint – AED84 / LVL Lashes - AED315

  1. Root of the problem

If you don’t have time to visit the salon before a big night out to touch up your roots, try using an eyeshadow or powder along your root line – this can also work to thicken up your hair line or any sparse areas when your hair is tied up.

  1. Walk The Line

Eyeliner can be problematic at the best of times, but the last thing we need when getting ready in a rush is smudged eyelids or uneven flicks – use a piece of tape angled at the corner of your eye as an eyeliner guide and guard for sharp, straight liner.

  1. Smooth Operator

Shave some time off of your party prep with waxing – avoid razor rash and dry patches with a monthly salon visit – you can also forgo the discomfort of traditional waxing with Tips & Toes new Film Wax service – a strip-less wax for a smoother less painful appointment.

Tips & Toes Film Wax starting from AED26.25

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