Ahoy there, darling dolphins

July 13th, 2017

Some incidents leave a lasting impression on your mind. The images of those special experiences make their way into your mind, giving them a space in your heart forever. My family visited the Dubai Dolphinarium recently and our experience was no less than a magical dream…

My five-year-old son and I talk a lot about mermaids and dolphins. He often asks me if mermaids exist in real life, and being a firm believer in magic and fairytales, I tell him yes they do. Some mermaids from the stories evolved into dolphins - the most beautiful and graceful creatures of the ocean. That’s how our fascination for dolphins grew. And during the recent EID holidays, that also marked the beginning of the summer vacations in the UAE, we found ourselves at the Dubai Dolphinarium to watch the morning show.

It made perfect sense to visit the dolphinarium since we had never seen a real dolphin and I knew it would be good for my curious kindergartner who has an immense interest in marine animals. Booking the morning show didn’t seem like a bad idea (barring the huge queue at the Creek Park Gate 1 we had to brave in the heat to get the entry tickets to the park where the dolphinarium is located) as the dolphinarium is a fully air-conditioned hall with an arena like sitting overlooking a pool, located inside the Creek Park.

Before we actually saw the dolphins, the show presenter told us about their bottlenose dolphins and gave us some educational insights into a dolphin’s life. The dolphinarium is home to 6 bottlenose dolphins named Ksyusha, Jerry, Bella, Fekla, Kai & Elvis.

Dolphin and Seal Antics
The seals step in first to entice the audience with their antics, passing the ball to the trainer. My little one cheered as one seal waved to the crowd and managed to slide smoothly across the narrow stage near the pool. My son and I were totally mesmerized and charmed by the sea lions clapping to the tune of the music.

Then came in the stars of the show - three bottlenose dolphins - jumping up and down and splashing in the water enter the performance pool splashing a few drops of water on us and others sitting in the front row. It was the perfect start to a fun and informative encounter.

The dolphins twist, swing, play ball, and jump through the hanging loops in perfect synchronization. One of the dolphins even painted a picture on the canvas and another dolphin crooned a song (read squeal) in their own way!
I knew the visit was a hit the moment I saw my little one jumping with joy, smiling all the while and gaping in awe at the marvelous stunts by the dolphins and the seals.

Caring Trainers
It was heart-warming to see that the animals had a special connection with their trainer. Watching the animals perform these acts shows how intelligent and creative they are mentally and how strong and flexible they are physically. Much-like a mother-baby relationship, the dolphin had a special relationship with their trainers. Like any child, the dolphin would turn to their trainer for their ‘reward’ – some food or a little cuddle or a pat - after each antic. It was interesting to see that the trainers deeply cared for the dolphins.

No doubt, visiting the dolphinarium is one our favourite activities to indulge in with your family this summer. If you are looking for an informative yet exciting activity to enjoy with your family indoors, this is an entertaining adventure. The playful nature of the dolphins and the excellent trainers make the show unforgettable. The dolphins surprise one and all with their intelligence. You learn intriguing facts about these intelligent creatures.

Other Attractions at the Dolphinarium
During the show the presenter conducts a couple of competitions with a few children, randomly picked from the crowd. Wonderful rewards such as a photo-op with the dolphins, chance to buy a painting created by a dolphin, free passes to the dolphin show etc. make a nice treat for the audience. Special rates are available if you book the morning show. Additional facilities include the mirror maze, the trampoline arena and the 5D/7D cinema, The Exotic Bird Show and swim with dolphins encounter.

Interesting facts about dolphins

  • Dolphins have about 100 teeth that they use for grasping food. Dolphins cannot chew their food as they have no jaw muscles for chewing. They have to swallow the whole fish.
  • Unlike a fish, which moves its tail from side to side, a dolphin swims by moving its tail up and down.
  • A female dolphin is called a ‘cow’, a male a ‘bull’ and a baby a ‘calf’.
  • A group of dolphins is called a pod. Pods can be as small as two dolphins and as large as hundreds of dolphins.
  • Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes under water although they usually stay only a few minutes diving before they go up to breathe.
  • Bottlenose dolphins can breach up to 16 feet out of water.
  • Check out www.dubaidolphinarium.ae for booking tickets to the dolphin and seal show or other activities.

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