Home Perfect

January 1st, 2015

1 - It is the time for new beginnings and what better way than to entertain friends at home? 2XL has the perfect living room collection to transform your living room into a warm, chic place.

2 - Pride of Kashmir announced the opening of its new warehouse outlet in Al Quoz. The traditional collection ranges from antique to modern styles and appeals to customers with both retro and contemporary tastes.

3 - Al Huzaifa Furniture is now open in Abu Dhabi. The brand has blended opulence with experimentation and flamboyance with tradition, in ways that have delighted customers and created enduring loyalty.

4 - Colorful art prints from Homes r Us are a great way to animate your living space. Not only will they add glamor to your walls, they will also make a great conversation piece.

5 - These little additions from C. Wonder add that whimsy to your home, making it eclectic and distinctive.

6 - Welcome the outdoors with these great picks from Daiso just right for a fun time with the family!

7 - Karaca Home by Silica announces its new exclusive, elegant and fashionable collection that is a promise of quality. The posh collection includes Bamboo Cotton Bath Robes, bed duvets, bed and bath sets, which add warmth to your bedroom and offer a cozy night’s sleep.

8 - The Crate and Barrel Holiday collection makes hosting gatherings for families and friends a lot less stressful with its festive-themed serving trays, dishware, utensils, napkins and tableware that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

9 - Cleanse your colour palette and fall in love with stylishly striking black and white. Combined with luxurious leather, graphic geometric patterns, clear glass and punchy chrome accents, this dark and handsome masculine look from THE One’s winter home fashion collection is a cool, clean and contemporary style refresher with a dash of Big Apple attitude.

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