Just Bag it - How LaLaQueen Bags sparked a fashion phenomenon

July 10th, 2017

TeleLIFE talks to Sally Sarieddine, Creator of the much loved LaLaQueen Label, much loved by the likes of Amal Clooney and Neha Dhupia and a huge advocate of sustainability.

Why the decision to embark on a journey into the world of fashion?

I decided to invest time in something that will give me the opportunity to live a lifestyle that I enjoy and one that I don’t need a vacation from. The world of fashion is an interesting industry. You can meet many people, travel, design, create, and is glamorous in a way.

Why bags?
Bags are an accessory that can either make or break a woman's outfit and i believe that a woman’s choice of handbags says a lot about her personality and character.

How would you define a relationship between a woman and her bag?
In this very mobile and dynamic world and age that we live in, I believe a woman needs to be prepared for anything. A bag must carry a woman’s essentials, protect them, and compliment her style.

Why this particular brand name?
It's a cute brand name, and a lot of women relate to LaLaLand, music, imagination and breaking free from the ordinary, so LaLaQueen!

Please elaborate on the sustainability part of your brand.
All the bags are handmade with skilled craftsmen and artisans in Lebanon that are well paid and work under healthy conditions. We use leather that ages well with time, and is locally and ethically sourced. All our products are biodegradable. Our design philosophy is timeless, that means we don’t have to follow seasons and trends and throw away bags or things because they are no longer in season. Also, our packing is made out of 100% recycled paper.

How do you go about creating a bag from the drawing board? What is the process?
I do some research on an idea of some sort and see how is it expressed in different forms, and then I connect the dots to architect and design it in a way that is simple and practical yet has a strong story. I use a specific type of leather that has a distressed feel and the shades of colors that I use are very versatile and can be styled on any color and outfit. I discuss my ideas and sketches and the functionality with my production team and we make adjustments accordingly to produce the first prototype.

How do you infuse newness in an already flooded market?
The size, the architecture and the color combinations that I use are very different from any bag out there. They are very visually appealing and yet not very common to the eye.

5 reasons why I should have a LaLaQueen bag?

  1. Timeless piece because of the way it is designed.
  2. Classical in the same time fun
  3. Handmade by skilled artisans
  4. Super versatile to style
  5. Genuine Leather

What do we look forward to?
We look forward to growth and expansion, and to continue to produce unique beautiful pieces for every woman depending on her style.

What are your favourite handbag brands?
Fendi; When I think of Fendi I smile.

I remember reading somewhere that you associate 'healing' with your bags. Please elaborate.
The Dr Bag is actually inspired by a personal story, so I created this item to communicate what I feel to the world. And it’s also a reminder for me to keep my heart in everything that I do.

Top 5 handbag styles for the season…

  1. Over Sized clutches (have you seen our curve and moon collection?)
  2. Bag Packs (our geometric bag packs are our new best thing now)
  3. A classical bag with a twist is always in season.
  4. You can never go wrong with a cross over

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