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May 1st, 2017

Fun, easy and child-friendly ways to add more fruit to your diet, this season.

Fruits, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, are the best foods to consume during the hot summer, as they rehydrate your system and give you additional nutritional benefits as well.
Fruits give us a good supply of potassium, folate, vitamins, phytonutrients and also help regulate hormone levels and promote heart health. So cool off by indulging in these fruity ‘n’ frozen delights!


Are nutritious and wholesome, and can be prepared with milk or flavoured yoghurt.
Use low fat milk to keep it even healthier.


  • Your fruit of choice (banana, peach, strawberry, mango etc) should be fresh, peeled, deseeded and chopped into medium-sized pieces.
  • Put the fruit in the blender and add two cups of milk or yoghurt to it.
  • Blend until thick (there should be no visible lumps).
  • You can add 1-2 tsp cinnamon powder or honey to it as well.
  • Add ice and drink chilled.


  • A power-packed breakfast for kids always on the go.
  • Milk and yoghurt are great sources of proteins, vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D, which will help keep your bones and muscles healthy.
  • Add some crushed almonds or walnuts, for that extra dose of Omega 3.



A yummy, fresh, pulpy bar to slurp on; way healthier than your ice cream and candy sticks.


  • The fruit should be fresh (mango, strawberry, kiwi, muskmelon etc), peeled, deseeded and cut into slices or mashed up.
  • Place the fruit pulp/ slices into a popsicle mould or just use shot glasses. You can add layers of different fruit pulp/ slices.
  • Put the ice cream sticks into the centre and place into the freezer.
  • Freeze up to six hours, till solid.
  • Remove the fruit popsicle from the mould or glass, and enjoy!


  • An instant vitamin booster that will ensure hydration and serve as a cooling, low calorie dessert for weight watchers.
  • A more natural and organic option, compared to candy bars, as they are naturally sweet and free of preservatives as well.



Bored of plain old H2O? Craving some sugary refreshments to beat the heat? Instead of stocking up on bottles of sodas, try fruit-infused water, a healthy, refreshing and an inexpensive drink you can make yourself!


  • Fill a large water jug with water.
  • Add fresh, peeled and cut/ sliced fruit pieces (pineapple, orange, lime, kiwi, strawberries etc) into it.
  • For enhanced flavour, cover the jug and refrigerate for four hours. Or just pour the water into a glass, add ice and drink.
  • You can even add fresh mint leaves for a minty flavour.


  • It not only adds flavour to the water but is also hydrating.

And has no nutritional drawbacks of added sugar or preservatives, found in sodas

and other beverages.

  • It is also used in detox diet plans, as it flushes out the toxins from your system, prevents bloating and boosts metabolism.



Though fruits are best consumed raw, you can make them more interesting with some healthy dips of peanut butter, yoghurt or even melted dark chocolate. Here’s one yummy, healthy dip recipe for you to try:


  • Cut the fruits into long, medium–sized sticks.
  • Fruits that don’t require peeling, like apples, can be consumed with their skin on.


  • Blend together one cup of yoghurt, three spoons of creamy peanut butter and one teaspoon of honey or dark chocolate.
  • Dip the fruit sticks into the dip and enjoy.


  • A healthy snack option that will provide you with carbohydrates, proteins, good fat, vitamins and fibre.
  • Peanut butter is a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin E, fibre and antioxidants that help in regulating blood sugar, BP and improving energy levels.



These are great to add to a glass of water or to just chomp on, on a humid day. You can even slip these into juices or cocktails to ‘wow’ your guests.


  • Fresh fruit (mango, watermelon, strawberry, cherries etc) should be peeled and deseeded.
  • Chop the fruit into small pieces, to fit into your ice cube tray.
  • Place the fruit into the ice tray; you can add up to three layers of different fruits.
  • Add water and freeze until solid.


  • Fruits such as mangoes, watermelon and strawberries are a great source of vitamin C.
  • It can be added to milk or juice for a daily dose of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants which help improve skin, treat acne and improve immunity.

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