Prenatal pampering at Tips & Toes

December 20th, 2018

It is natural to feel drained out and exhausted while you are expecting. While one cannot reverse the way pregnancy affects the body (think aches, soreness, discomfort and frequently feeling tired or restless), there are more ways now to make you feel better. A perfect time to get pampered to keep you going through the scary last trimester, a visit to Tips & Toes, Al Fardan Centre, Sharjah is a really good idea to rejuvenate, de-stress and feel better again…

The Pregnancy-Prenatal Massage at Tips & Toes focuses on the mother-to-be and lasts 75 minutes. Right from your toes all the way to your head, all areas of your body are given the much needed care and attention. This massage supports the physiologic, structural and emotional well-being of both mother and baby. Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy; such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

Tips & Toes is located at the first floor in Al Fardan Centre overlooking the calming views of the Al Majaz Corniche, Sharjah. Soaking in the view of blue water and sky from their floor to ceiling window panes while sitting back and getting thy nails done, looks like a great idea!

The RIGHT Posture during pregnancy
Upon arrival, I had a lovely chat on all things pregnancy with the friendly branch manager, Ms. Nadia Mansour, who shared some useful tips with me on the right posture to sleep and sit as the body packs on the pounds through the course of pregnancy. Always sit with your legs perched higher, put up your feet to avoid swelling in the legs and feet area, she said.
She suggested using pillows (one under the belly and another clutched between your legs) and finding your most comfortable position in the bed for a restful sleep. It is not necessary to buy any special mattress or pillow for pregnancy, she added, use the ones you have to support your weight and always sleep on your side.
Another great tip from her was to sleep a little elevated with pillows under the back to help avoid any acidity or heartburn. I am eager to try this out and see how it works since I am experiencing heartburn almost every day.
She also assured me that this massage was safe and could be taken twice a week during the last trimester. There are pressure points on the feet that might trigger a contraction; she said reassuring me that this will be only a light massage with optimum pressure and no points on the feet will be pressed.

The treatment
After the brief chat I was led into the treatment room, which was small but apt for the massage with a comfortable bed and dimly lit interiors giving that perfect spa-like feel. My therapist – Tami – was a kind and smiling lady from Indonesia specializing in the pregnancy massage. She gave me a form to fill which asked about the medications I am on, allergies (if any) and the body parts to mark out that required some extra attention. She then gave me large soft towel that I needed to wrap myself in.

I must say Tami was a soft-spoken and well-experienced person I felt comfortable with instantly. Tami was firm with her hands. She slowly massaged my feet, followed by my legs and back, and then my arms. She repeated the process on the other side.

The feel of warm coconut oil with the lavender essential oil essence on my skin felt very relaxing at once.

I was asked to lie on my back for the last part of the massage, now, this isn't the most comfortable position during pregnancy, but Tami placed pillows under my legs which instantly felt like a good idea. She then massaged my shoulders and head. The amount of pressure she applied to massage my tired body was just apt not too hard, though she did focus more on my upper back but that felt great for my tired back that has been carrying all the baby weight all this while.
After the massage, she wiped my body with a warm towel to take off any excess oil.

Our Verdict
This was just the kind of pampering I needed. My body was tired, and I had been neglecting my feet and legs a little (blame it on my big belly that makes it harder to reach my legs to moisturize my dry skin). My dry skin now is even drier and sensitive thanks to the pregnancy hormones, but post massage I observed that the oil had been well absorbed by my thirsty dry skin, and my skin felt amazingly soft and hydrated after the experience! It had never occurred to me to get a prenatal pampering session during my last pregnancy, and now I’d recommend every mom to be try this treatment to experience the wonders it does bringing you that much needed rest and pampering before the baby arrives!

The Mummy Massage and More treatment costs AED 336 and lasts 75 minutes.
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Check out the Tips & Toes website for details on all their treatments.

By: Richa Vij

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