Say hello to summer with online concept store Boutique Nomads

July 10th, 2017

Style-conscious shoppers rejoice – the playful and vibrant online concept store Boutique Nomads is the hottest new shopping haven in town. Celebrating all things outdoorsy, bright and cheerful, the brand’s mission is simple – to inspire people to live colourfully and infuse more sunny moments into their daily routines. Check out their bright tips to bring some sunshine into out homes this summer.

Think pink flamingos, shiny pineapples, neon colours and artsy designs – in fact, every item has been cherry picked for the happiest of vibes. Founder Katrin Strunz said: “Like Nomads travelling the world to discover the new and unseen, we are all about surprising and delighting our clients with one-of-a-kind lifestyle items that are otherwise hard to find in this market. We’re here to cater to today’s digitally-savvy shoppers by offering a truly unique ‘Boutique’ shopping experience – with lots of attention to detail, a very personalized approach and most importantly: pure fun.”

Srtunz adds, “There are many reasons to fall in love with tribal artistry – I personally love the stories about the making of a unique artisan product. As a hobby, I spend a lot of time doing DIY crafts at home – which makes me even more fascinated by unique skills and exceptional techniques that have often been passed on through generations. I admire the patience, effort and of course the pure amount of time that go into the creation process.

Apart from the quality of a product, it is certainly the design aspect that catches the eye. Unfortunately, traditional crafts do not always meet modern tastes, which is why it is great to see a growing number of examples of tribal artisans adopting modern design impulses to commercially back up survival of their skills and ­– in some cases – even their culture.

Take for example our beautiful hammocks created by the nomadic Mlabri tribe of Northern Thailand and Laos. Deforestation sadly diminished their natural habitats and substantially threatened their community. Their women had perfected a special technique to weave jungle vine, which was coincidentally picked up by a textile engineer willing to help them find an extra source of income.

Making high-quality hammocks in a variety of stunning designs turned out to be an absolute winning idea – they are now the tribe’s main source of income securing them financial independence. Their colorful creations are being sold across the globe. If you have stayed at a luxury hotel in Thailand, chances are that you have chilled out in one of their fabulously soft, but durable hammocks.

Overall, it is great to see that general awareness for ethical production is on the rise, which is a blessing for our planet. We have moved away from just looking at the price tag, but started to ask questions: What is in my product? How has it been produced? For the moment, the positive effects of this new consumer mindset are most visible when it comes to food, but many signs point to other products becoming equally affected – like sustainable fashion, lifestyle or décor items.

Even though Boutique Nomads is not a full-on eco initiative, we make sure to work with brands we trust and at the same time use our platform to introduce some truly sustainable products such as our hammocks, Mochila Wayuu bags or handmade products from Morocco. We want to invite our customers to explore our wide assortment of bright and cheerful lifestyle items. After all, the choice is theirs – but we must admit: It makes us extra happy to see our artisan products being appreciated. We are going to great lengths to source them directly from the makers and can hence share the success directly with them.”

Make your house Summer-ready with Boutique Nomads:

At Boutique Nomads, we celebrate all things outdoorsy, bright and cheerful. Our mission is to inspire people to live colorfully and infuse more sunny moments into their daily routines. Busy schedules often leave little time to relax and unwind – so it is even more important to surround yourself with positivity and endless summer vibes whenever you can. Our range of delightful accent pieces lures some holiday rays right into your homes and gardens. A few small changes can have great impact! Here are some of our top picks and tips to brighten up your space:

Dare to let color in:
Whether you are planning to completely revamp your home or just look for a style upgrade through finishing touches: Vivid hues and whimsical eye-catchers are a great way to achieve a summary look. It is scientifically proven, that colors have the ability to change moods. We like to begin with something that can’t be changed (say the flooring or sofa) and then dial up the volume to include dashing accent colors. At the moment, we are absolutely in love with blush & gold tones, succulent green and even striking neon accents. When it comes to patterns we are totally hooked on tribal & boho styles as well as classic black & white stripes.

Brushed gold round tray
AED 590

Desert Sunrise Outdoor Cushion
AED 235

Namais Outdoor Cushion
AED 235

Neon Giraffe
AED 75

Candles, candles, candles:
Treat yourself to some of Boutique Nomads’ wonderful organic candles. Our range of all-natural, non-toxic candles spreads the sweetest tropical scents. They are poured by hand in sunny California and made of clear mineral oil, which makes them last 2-3 times longer than conventional wax candles. Our collection of beach candles in exotic pineapple scent features real shells and comes in a variety of colours, while the ‘white wash’ collection envelopes your room in sweet cocktail scents. The metal collection comes in rich spa scents and is especially great for travelling and on-the-go. Last but not least: All the candles make the perfect additions to your outdoor living space as they do not melt as easily as wax candles.

BeachCandle Turquoise from
AED 79

Candle Metal Collection from
AED 29

Outdoor living:
Go outside as much as possible and soak in the sunlight, the sounds and smells. Regardless of whether you have a large garden, small patio or balcony, do not neglect your outdoor living space. Make it an essential part of your home by creating your very own, sweet urban sanctuary. In the UAE, we are lucky to have a whopping 8-9 months of outdoor season, so enjoy it to the max! Boutique Nomads features a range of one-of-a-kind furnishings suitable for outdoors – from artsy cushions, hand crafted hammocks to Scandinavian design lanterns and deck chairs that will bring your al fresco space to life. Go play outside!

Bold Stripes Deck Chair
AED 840

Calypso Luxe Hammock from
520 AED

Dip Dye Floor Lantern
315 AED

Hanging planter
250 AED

Pink Brushed Outdoor Cusion
AED 235

Polka Dots Hammock Chair
AED 475


Visit the shop at or Instagram: @boutiquenomads

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