Summer Fit…

July 1st, 2017

We bring you the summer fitness routines of these celebrities to know how they stay fit and look gorgeous in these hot sweltering months!

Sana Khan, Actress

“My fitness routine never changes. I just make sure I take a cold shower for good blood circulation. I try to keep my body hydrated by drinking loads of water and coconut water, and eating oranges. I also include lots of greens and veggies in my diet.

“My beauty regime: A sunscreen is a must and I use water-based products to avoid greasiness.

“My summer mantra: Use a good perfume to combat body odour. Change your innerwear twice a day and keep splashing water on your face. Avoid eating oily food. And don’t keep your hair tied all the time as it stinks and causes hairfall.”

Aditya Narayan, Singer, actor and host

“My summer fitness routine is pretty much the same as my year-round routine – alternate days of weight training and cardio, with Sundays off. Cardio is outdoors for me as I love cycling and jogging on the beach. During summer, I prefer the cross trainer and stepper in the gym as the heat outside is unbearable. I have recently started 30 minutes of morning yoga.

“I make sure to include fruits in my breakfast. I avoid red meat and rely mostly on seafood for my protein requirement. I up my water intake to 7-8 litres. I also cut down on alcohol during summer; it produces heat in the body and slows down metabolism.”

Jennifer Winget, Actress

“Fitness, to me, is a healthy balance of the body, mind and soul. So my fitness regime, all year round, comprises a well-balanced diet and yoga. My yoga routine is calming, de-stressing and involves holistic healing. I am not a gym person at all. I also enjoy a good run in the park or on the beach.

“For breakfast, I have a boiled egg without the yolk and/ poha and coconut water. My lunch comprises a home-cooked meal of dal, vegetables or a non-vegetarian dish. Dinner is grilled chicken, dal and soup.

“Lastly, stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and coconut water, and consumer a lot of fruits and vegetables in between meals.”

Karan Patel, Actor

“Whether it is summer or winter, gymming is a way of life. My trainer alternates between cardio, functional and weight training. It’s always more of weight training for me as I need more toning.

“I follow a strict high-protein diet due to my weight training. During summer, I include more fluids and hydrate myself enough.”

Karan Tacker, TV actor

“Summer is the time to get ripped as one ends up sweating more, naturally. So I like to make the most of it. I include a lot of endurance training and martial arts along with my strength training program.

“My diet doesn’t change much in summer; I just up my liquid intake. I sip on BCAA throughout the day as it has a good amount of electrolytes, and water with chia seeds.

“Summercare tips: Stay hydrated, don’t over-train, avoid raw stuff and consume home-made food.”

Shoaibh Ibrahim, TV actor

“I feel lazy in summer, but working out is a must. Hence, I alternate between weights and functional training and I also include cardio sometimes.

“I hydrate myself enough, and have juices without ice and sugar. I eat less of carbs and meat. I also up my fruit intake and don’t consume heavy meals.”

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