May 1st, 2017

This summer, add a burst of colour to your home.

Summer is the best time to introduce fresh colours into your home. So rethink and get inspired by the bright, sunny colours of summer.

Colour Right

  • Stick to just two or three hues in a room. Different shades of the same colour also work well. For instance, you can place an off-white sofa against a beige or white wall.
  • Every living space needs plenty of natural light. Paint your walls in the shades of blue, white, green, pale yellow, violet or beige. They reflect light and make the space appear bigger.
  • Use sheer curtains in light hues to let natural light in, making the room seem spacious.
  • Artworks and accent pillows are two simple ways to add colour to your room.

To make the hues pop, pair them with vibrant shades.

  • Add vibrant rugs to complement neutral shade furniture.
  • Pink is always a great colour to add impact and spice to your bedroom. Highlighting different shades in a floral fabric and pairing it with purple only intensifies its playful appeal.
  • Use neutrals inspired by nature’s soothing colours to bring a breath of fresh air to your home’s most lived-in spaces. Incorporate natural or weathered wood into your design for an organic feel.
  • Give your kitchen walls a calm, breezy colour. You can also spruce up your cabinets with white laminate.
  • If you’re adventurous, experiment with prints in table linen, upholstery or carpets. Florals are perfect for the summer.
  • Decide what kind of influence you want to display. If you want a fresh, graceful look, opt for pastel shades and delicate prints to evoke a light and lively feeling. If it’s energy you are looking for, large prints in soft colours will do the trick.

Go ahead, redo your home and bask in summer’s luxuriating shade....

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